Commercial Photo Gallery

Parked Disaster Recovery Truck.

Disaster Recovery Team - Ready to Respond

When a large loss disaster strikes your commercial property in Viera, FL, SERVPRO of West Brevard is always here to help! Our crew has the training, experience, and equipment needed to ensure that your loss seems "Like it never even happened."

Commercial Water Damage in Viera, Florida

This is the aftermath of a toilet's water supply line broke and cause flooding to several offices and main lobby area. The customer was so pleased that our technicians responsed within an hour and immediately started remediatng the commercial property. Within 5 days, the business was BACK, doing business. 

Duct work with technician inspecting

Commercial air duct cleaning

A local Brevard County business called for help with foul smelling ac vent.  We were able to clean the duct system in their building and all the registers as well.  This eliminated the smell and improved the quality of the air flowing through their HVAC system.

Water damage to wood studs within wall

Local business finds mold behind wall

In Brevard County a local small business owner discovered mold when repairing a leaky faucet.  Once they found the mold they called us immediately.  Luckily it had not spread to any other  areas of the building.  We were able to removed the mold and prevent any further growth.

Commercial building floods due to pipe

In Lake Marian Highlands, this business owner discovered a leaking pipe.  Once the wall was opened the leak was more like a geyser.  The plumber repaired the pipe and we mitigated the damaged areas in the building.

SERVPRO green trucks in front of business building

Commercial building in need of Water Mitigation

Our team was fast to respond to a local Brevard County business owner who was in need of our services.  They had an HVAC malfunction and had a few inches of water in a good portion of their offices.  We were able to mitigate the water and the damaged property to prevent any secondary damage.

Commercial Water Damage in Rockledge, FL

This was the aftermath of a commercial pipe leak in Rockledge, that effected several hallways and offices. Once SERVPRO of West Brevard arrived, our crew started extracting the standing water and preparing to dry out the effected building material. In 3-4 days, the commercial building was dried and ready to start business up again.